Royal Wedding Dress Recap

After all the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding, most notably, Kate’s dress, I feel a bit daft that I didn’t even think about Alexander McQueen as a possible designer option. I mean, HELLO! McQUEEN? There was a queen in attendance? Kate could one day become the queen? All signs surely pointed to this storied designer as a possible front runner. Oh, except the obvious: he’s no longer with us.

That aside, I’m trying to decide what I thought about Sarah Burton’s creation. Was it the sophisticated gown I had envisioned? Definitely not. Was it age appropriate? In some ways, I’m not sure. Was it beautiful? Ummm, it was amazing.

I’ll be honest, I did imagine Kate in something with a more youthful vibe. Then again, when you have all of royal England and its constituency starring at you as you walk down the aisle, this may be one of those occasions when it’s better to be subtle than outlandish. Kate looked fantastic though, as did her sister, Pippa. Those Middleton girls certainly have been hitting the gym. And perhaps the spray tan booth as well.

Friday, April 29, 2011 was a picture perfect day for a picture perfect (royal) couple. I feel like I could stare at images from the event for days, however, I’m now fixated on where they’re headed for their honeymoon. I mean, really…how do you one-up a wedding at Westminster Abbey? Something tells me, they will figure out a way.

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