Police Recover Stolen Dress In Time For Wedding

Police recover stolen wedding dress in time for weddingLast week, an Iowa couple pulled into Chicago to finalize the preparations for their weekend wedding. Little did they know that a car thief would rain on their parade though!

On Thursday, the couple’s car was stolen from the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, and the bride’s wedding dress was in the car. Gasp! Fortunately for the couple, the police were able to recover the stolen vehicle on Saturday morning and the dress was still in the trunk. Police noticed that the car had a smashed out back window, and let’s face it—it’s COLD in Chicago right now, so there was no need for manufactured air conditioning. This clue prompted them to pull over the car where they learned that it was in fact stolen. After they inspected the car, the police found the wedding dress in the back with additional luggage.

The white, full-length strapless dress was returned to its rightful bride the morning of her wedding. It is described as having pearls along the top, and a flared shape at the bottom. Her veil was also in the car, but was recovered with the dress. As it turns out, the bride wasn’t actually planning to wear this particular dress during the ceremony. She had brought it along for photos, but after the dramatic turn of events, she changed her mind and wore it during a ceremony at City Hall. The couple was married by a justice of the peace.

I guess you never really know what kind of wrinkles life can throw your way, but opportunities abound for things to go wrong when it comes to a wedding. Happily for this couple, karma was on their side. Let’s hope they live happily ever after!

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