Online Wedding Registry Helps Couples Save for a House

Hatch My House, Online Wedding Registry Helps Couples Save for a HouseRegistering for wedding gifts can be as stressful and annoying for the couple as it is for you trying to buy them something. For couples who have lived together for a long time, it seems wasteful to register for another toaster or cutting board. But you have to give your guests some idea of what to get you, right? One of the things that couples seem to be saving for most is a house. While we agree that it would be a little awkward to ask your guests to write checks in the name of your down payment, we don’t think it’s weird at all to use something like Hatch My House, a unique online wedding gift registry that helps couples save for the home of their dreams!

Let’s face it– we live in a different time, and people need alternatives to traditional registries. Hatch My House provides a tastefulĀ and tech-savvy solution that lets family and friends contribute toward the couple’s goal of home ownership. The experience is fun and interactive! The couple designs a virtual house and guests get to donate towards its parts such as a window, the front door or even a set of wineglasses. Items throughout the house range from $25 to $900 and guests can set their own price on an item or select multiple gifts to arrive at their desired price range. This sure beats standing at the ceremony with your hands out expecting envelopes full of loose change!

The Hatch My House registry is free to use, and your guests can pay you securely via PayPal. A service fee of 5.9% does exist, and that can be paid by the couple registering or by the guests doing the gift-giving. It’s also a great alternative for couples who are having destination weddings. It can be very cumbersome for guests to drag a large present on an airplane while trying not to damage the wrapping paper (or their bank account if they have to check it). The virtual aspect of Hatch My House means that people from anywhere in the world can contribute to your big day and hopefully your new, big home.


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