Of All the Places to Lose Your Wedding Ring

Swedish woman tossed out her wedding ring 16 years ago, finds it in garden on carrotOr maybe it’s the flip—of all the places to find your missing wedding ring! For one Swedish woman, her garden of carrots would be the home of her missing wedding ring for the last 16 years. She lost her ring back in 1995 while baking during Christmas, never to see it again. This year, however, there was a Christmas miracle in the Paahlson house.

When the Mrs. headed to the garden to retrieve some fresh carrots, there it was—her white gold wedding band sitting happily atop some dirt and one of her bright orange beauties. The couple thinks that perhaps the ring was originally discarded along with their compost.

The couple is planning to clean the ring thoroughly after its long romp in the dirt. Not to mention there’s speculation that the compost could have been fed to their sheep, and well, reemerged in another way. Any way you slice it, it’s a pretty miraculous story of a ring making its way back to the owner. Now, be careful in those kitchens!

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