Did You Hear the News?

Wedding etiquette, returning giftsI know it’s probably a MAJOR shocker, but the news is out: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage only lasted 72 days. There are news stories swarming the outlets: what should Kim do with all of those lavish wedding gifts they were given? Will she give the ring back? Who actually paid for the ring in the first place? And of course, has Khloe Kardashian had the “I told you so!” talk with Kim just yet?

Let’s focus on just one aspect here: the gifts. Surely, this isn’t the first marriage that didn’t make it, although I suppose if most everyday folk spent the chunk of change Kim and Kris did, they would make it last longer than 2.5 months. What on earth is the right thing to do with all of those gifts though?

Etiquette dictates  that if the wedding lasts six months or less, the gifts should go back to those who purchased them. And a note briefly explaining the situation would also probably be a good idea, as I’m sure someone might wonder why the Baccarat crystal they scrimped for was back on their doorstep. But what about things that are monogrammed, or worse, money?! Kim might think about donating anything that is used and can’t be returned, and also making a hefty donation of any cash they were gifted. There’s also the reported $17 million she has made (thus far) off of E! repeatedly airing the fairy tale event. Where should that money go? The etiquette barometer points straight to charity there too.

While I’m sure a lot of her fans are bummed the union didn’t work out, I doubt anyone would forego the chance to be the fly on the wall when she admitted to Khloe that divorce was imminent. Episode after Episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” saw Khloe pestering Kim about Kris’ intentions, and it even erupted into a giant fight just before the wedding. If there was ever an “I told you so!” moment, this has got to be it.

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