Get that Party Planned!

Yes, we’re sitting under a blanket of snow today. A thick one. And yes, most of the country is suffering a similar fate. It seems like a perfect time to talk about greener pastures, sunkissed, longer days, and the end of this bitter winter (thank you Punxsutawney Phil).

Let’s have a chat about getting that summer company party planned. It may seem a bit premature, but if your company hosts an annual barbecue, luncheon, or soiree, and it’s held during the summer, the time to shake a leg is now. Dig out your imagination and start contacting your venue of choice. You’ll want to get the date secured first, and then you can worry about the details. Will you require food/catering? Is there a particular theme you would like to work with? Will your event be indoors or outdoors? Do you need a clown or bounce house for employees’ children? Are children even invited to this event? It’s important to get a handle on the answers to these questions before you approach a venue. If you’re planning a karaoke contest of American Idol proportions outside and there’s no power for the machine, chances are you’re going to be disappointed and wish you had addressed these questions with your venue ahead of time.

Oh, and that old budget thing. If you’re the person in charge of planning your company’s event, make sure you start your planning with a budget. Sit down with a decision maker at work and discuss the number you should be working with. Yes, it may seem like a salary negotiation at first, but reassure them that with your expertise and imagination, this year’s corporate function will be unlike any before.

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