Christmas Wedding Etiquette

When Christmas falls on a weekend like it does this year, it can be a popular date to hold for a wedding. But it brings up a variety of challenges for the couple who is planning, in addition to the guests. For one, hotels are often more crowded and expensive, as are train tickets and flights. This makes planning travel a real challenge, especially if you don’t give your guests sufficient notice. There’s no reason to end up on your friends’ naughty lists though. With effective planning, your Christmas wedding can go off without a hitch!

Here are a few tips to ensure your Christmas wedding is successful:

1. Be flexible- Guests who are in town for your wedding around a holiday will have other people to attend to while they’re home. If someone can’t make the rehearsal dinner or your day-after brunch, don’t read them the riot act. They’re making a big effort to attend your big day, and that should be good enough.

2. Be Mindful of Your Music- If you’re thinking about playing Christmas music before, during, and after your wedding, you may want to rethink it. This may come as a shock, but Christmas music isn’t revered by everyone. Let us also not forget your guests who don’t celebrate Christmas. You don’t want to alienate portions of your guest list, and drive them crazy with “Away in the Manger” on repeat.  Instrumental Christmas music would be lovely while your guests are being seated, and the wordless noise shouldn’t bother anyone enough to warrant earplugs.

3. Don’t Be Cheeky– There’s a solid chance that people will be shelling out big bucks to attend your Christmas wedding, so keep the cheekiness to a minimum. A Christmas tree for your guests to put their presents under? Tacky. Gingerbread house centerpieces? Ick. Nobody wants to put their arm in a white frosting awning, or step on a gum drop that your little cousin threw on the floor. Keep your event elegant and in line with the spirit of the season, and it will be magical.



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