Bound to be Big: 5 Honeymoon Destinations for 2013

Top Honeymoon LocationsWhile “luxury honeymoon planner” sounds like a pretty incredible day job, it also means that those lucky enough to call it their profession have to always be “in-the-know.”

One such lucky lady from Ever After Honeymoons recently created a list of  some hot spots that will be popular honeymoon destinations next year.  Here are the newest top 5 honeymoon sites:

  1. Tadrai Island Resort in Fiji:  The gorgeous island of Fiji paints a beautiful backdrop for an adventurous honeymoon.  Many couples choose to plan a variety of exciting activities into their days including hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling.  Not only does this destination deliver on fun, it also gives newlyweds the romance they deserve.  Tadrai Island Resort is a recommended couples-only hotel and boasts private pools and complimentary helicopter rides among other amenities.
  2. The Amalfi Coast in Italy:  Spending time on the Amalfi Coast is like stepping back into a simpler time.  With stunning views and quaint village shops, it doesn’t get much more picturesque than that.
  3. St. Barths:  St. Barths is recommended for those couples that would love to honeymoon in Europe but don’t have weeks of vacation time to make the long flight, time difference, and packed-in schedules worth their while.  St. Barths is a French-owned island, and the result is a delightful mix of European sophistication with island charm.
  4. Croatia:  If you are ready to make the trip to Europe, however, Croatia is a majestic and romance-centric option.  Situated right on the coast and draped in medieval design, Croatia is the perfect place for those seeking to soak in natural beauty, keep an eye out for their famed waterfalls, with the chance to explore a new and fascinating culture.
  5. St. Lucia:  For pampering spa services, adventurous water activities, and healthy food, St. Lucia is a hard destination to beat.  Honeymoon experts recommend BodyHoliday as the place to stay, and—with activities like paddleboard yoga and spa treatments included in the package—it’s easy to see why.


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