An Unlikely Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day weddings are romantic. Instead of candy and flowers, some couples up the ante by tying the knot on (or near) February 14th. They generally don’t sell tickets for admission to their big day though. Then again, a marriage between a ram and a deer isn’t the run of the mill couple you’d expect to see walking down the aisle.

Today, that’s exactly what is happening in southwest China though: a Valentine’s Day wedding between a ram and a deer at a zoo. The Yunnan Provincial Wildlife Park is selling tickets so the public can watch Changmao the ram and Chunzi the doe tie the knot. At least 500 tickets have already been sold. I suppose if I were in China, I’d love the chance to see two animals dressed in traditional wedding garb exchanging vows, however that’s going to go.

The ram and deer were raised together in a group because they’re both herbivores, but were separated after the ram fathered a baby lamb with the zoo’s only female sheep. The two fought to be back together though, so the zoo finally relented. Zookeepers had noticed signs of affection between the two, so they allowed them to live together, and now, they will be joined together in holy animal matrimony.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stegton!

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