A Guide to Great Bridesmaid Gifts

Guide for Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaids are an important and treasured part of each bride’s wedding experience, and they often put in a lot of hard work to give the bride memories to last a lifetime.  So when it comes to thanking these special gals, it’s important to put a lot of thought into a perfect gift.  Here’s a quick guide for what you need to know when deciding the what, when, and where of these tokens of appreciation.

While shopping for your bridesmaids might not be at the very top of your list of priorities, make sure it doesn’t slip down the rankings too many times.  You’ll want to purchase the gifts at least one to two months before the wedding.  Try to have the task on your radar in the months prior to purchasing, though, so if a great find or fabulous deal pops up, you can snag it while you have the chance.  Traditionally, brides then give out their gifts at the rehearsal dinner.  This timing is close enough to the wedding that it truly commemorates the experience you’ve shared, but it’s a more intimate event than the wedding itself, so you can feel free to express your full gratitude with a few private words.


Don’t ever stretch your budget too thin simply to buy extravagant gifts for your bridesmaids—they don’t expect or demand that.  However, if they’re trying to handle a hefty list of expenses to get ready for your big day, you might consider making a financial contribution to their bridesmaid dress or hair and makeup costs as a thank-you.  If you’d rather give them something more traditional to unwrap, consider what you’ve asked them to spend overall and try to give them a gift that reflects a proportionate amount of gratitude.

What You Give

Keep in mind a couple of guidelines when searching for the right gift: make sure it’s classic and versatile.  Don’t pick an accessory they’ll only wear on the day of the wedding.  Instead, find something that has a timeless sense of style and will be helpful to them in various upcoming settings. You can, of course, pick something to hand out to all of your bridesmaids, but you certainly don’t have to.  If you’d rather get something special and unique for each of these ladies, consider these different categories:

  • Fun Activities: try theatre or concert tickets.
  • Food:  Make a customized gift basket of her favorite goodies or give her a generous gift certificate to a beloved restaurant.
  • Travel:  Monogramming a carry-on bag with her initials or handing her a toiletry case stuffed with small or luxurious products will always make for a welcome gift.

No matter what you get your bridesmaids, taking the time to thoughtfully show them you care will be all they really need.

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