A Best Man’s Nightmare: Losing the Ring

Best Man Lost Wedding RingThe job of the best man is to support the bride and groom through all of the wedding ritual’s little stresses, but what happens when the best man inadvertently causes the stress—by losing the wedding ring?  One couple in Surrey, south of London, experienced just that during their recent nuptials.  The wedding ceremony was well underway when, suddenly, a loud clang erupted throughout the church.  Crossing his fingers that the sound didn’t signify one of the biggest wedding disasters, the priest slowly asked if that was, in fact, the ring.  The affirmative answer that he received resulted in quite the interruption of normal rituals.

The groom’s brother, the hard-working best man himself, searched desperately for the small ring that had escaped his grasp, but it had somehow made its way far past the bridal party.  The ceremony was put on pause while the search party got to work, and there were reportedly 20 people on their hands and knees throughout the church trying to retrieve the supremely important band.  Thorough though they may have been, searching throughout the flower arrangements, lifting the carpets, and peering in every crack and crevice, no one was able to find the ring.

The couple, in a state of shock, was unsure how to proceed.  They still very much wanted to get married, but without a wedding ring it just didn’t seem official.  Luckily, the bride’s mother stepped in to save the day.  She loaned the couple her own wedding ring, and the ceremony resumed to cheers from the couple’s family and friends.

The guests and wedding party proceeded to celebrate the nuptials at their nearby reception, and while the lost ring had provided a slight hiccup, it didn’t ruin the However, the priest who officiated the ceremony wasn’t quite willing to give up.  Equipped with a flashlight and shovel, he scoured the building for another 2 hours before discovering the ring.  Lodged in a crack between the raised altar and a step, it had been hiding under their noses all along.  The gracious priest rushed over to the reception to deliver the ring to the ashamed best man.  He, in turn, presented it to the happy couple who proudly slipped it onto the bride’s finger. With a new blessing from the priest, this nightmare of a story finally had a “happily ever after” ending.


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