5 Ways to Make Your Winter Wedding Cake Shimmer

Winter weddings are gorgeous. Whether there’s an icy chill in the air, or you derive that cozy feeling from the decor chosen, it’s easy to nestle into a winter wedding wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” One of the best places to impart a glimmering sensation is with your cake. Here at Stegton, we have five ideas to make your winter wedding cake shimmer!

1. Choose Your Palette Wisely

You eat with your eyes first, and the colors you choose for your wedding cake can strike a chord with everyone differently. Choose colors that are icy, like whites, blues, or even luscious reds and dark greens mixed with browns. Trimming a simple cake in these colors is also an option.

2. Flavor Savor

Lemon  cakes need not apply at a winter wedding. For this setting, choose flavors that are reminiscent of the time. Good choices include spice cake, carrot, caramel, and dark chocolate. Don’t be afraid to stud your cake with a hint of something seasonal, like a chocolate cake with orange incorporated, or perhaps a cranberry compote nestled between white cakes with buttercream frosting.

3. Cake Decor

Have a look at the flowers you have chosen for your bridal bouquet? Take stock of the colors you chose, and ask yourself why you picked them. Chances are, they are deeply colored, richly textured, and they would be a fabulous addition to  your wedding cake too! See if your baker can replicate the flowers in your bouquet in sugar.

4. And a Side Of…

Your wedding cake shouldn’t be the star of the show. That’s your job as the bride, after all. So, don’t be afraid to create a
side act for your cake, like Andes mints or even a comforting pudding. Red and white mints also conjure up thoughts of the season, and those can be a great aside to your cake in a large glass jar for people to dig their hands into. Plus, they make great breath savers after a long night of partying!

5. Shape Up!

Mother Nature is truly the master of artistic expression in the winter. Think snowflakes and pine cones, holly and pine trees. Your baker will be able to assist you in creating a look that captures the elements of the season, whether you opt for those made from chocolate, gum paste, or crystallized sugar.  Be subtle in sprucing up your cake. Keep it elegant and minimal, and let the cake speak for itself.


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