5 Fresh Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitation IdeasYour wedding invitations are a reflection of you as a couple and a preview of what the event itself will be like.  Because of this, you’ll want to infuse as much of your personality as a couple into these pieces as possible.  While elegant and traditional may be exactly what you want to represent, if you’re the kind of couple that wants to do something non-traditional or unique, here are 5 new ideas.

  1. Custom Map:  Your invitations can tell quite a story—especially if you craft them to fold out into a map of your relationship.  Include sentimental spots and the location where he popped the question.  Finally, it all leads to the big day, so highlight the wedding location’s address and best features.  Your guests will be sure to follow the path to the right destination.
  2. One with Nature:  If you’re having an outdoor wedding or are known for your love of natural habitats, reflect this in your invitation designs.  Including touches like tree ring-prints or organic paper and tying it all together with a simple brown bow will let your guests know what to expect on the big day.
  3. So Excited You Could Burst:  Along with paper invites, you can mix it up by sending a different material within the package.  Try including a custom balloon that, when expanded, reveals all of the event information.  Just don’t be surprised if a few families call you to get the relevant details once the balloon pops.
  4. Boarding Now:  If you’re having a destination wedding or if you’re a couple known for your love of travel, create a theme around the exciting details of a journey.  Send guests boarding passes with their names, where, and when they’ll be celebrating your biggest journey yet—marriage.
  5. Table for 2:  Couples who are foodies or have crafted an exciting menu for their upcoming wedding can highlight this feature through their invitations.  Send a small box of chocolates or a utensil engraved with your initials to each lucky guest.

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