2012 Wedding Trend Alert!

It’s a new year, and bridal shows are popping up around the country, giving brides a chance to see what’s hot for 2012 when it comes to their weddings! Bridal shows are the perfect place to shop vendors and get ideas for your big day. So, what’s on the wedding agenda for 2012? Let’s take a look!

1. Mini Desserts

Starbucks is doing cake pops, so why shouldn’t you? They’re a handy, take-away dessert that you can package up all pretty on the table for your guests, or even serve in lieu of slices of wedding cake. It’s a great way to save money on wasted pieces of already expensive wedding cake. And plus, who doesn’t like a sweet treat on a lollypop stick?

2. Green-Screen Photo Booths

Green screens are those handy-dandy backdrops that give the weatherman a life-size map of their state to stand in front of, and now you can have it at your wedding. Well, not the map, per se, but a bevy of different backdrops for your guests to choose from. It takes the traditional wedding photo booth to new heights, and will give you some pretty hilarious mementos for your wedding scrapbook.

3. Colored Wedding Dresses

In case you’re sensitive when it comes to the traditional white wedding dresses, this is your warning to sit down.  Because 2012 is pulling out all the stops when it comes to colored wedding dress. Colors in demand? Believe it or not, red and black, not necessarily together, and certainly not for everyone.

4. Take Me Away

Once you put the wedding behind you, chances are, the only thing on your radar will be the honeymoon of your dreams with your new other half. In 2012, popular honeymoon destinations include Bali, Morocco and Nepal, of all places!

For upcoming bridal shows in your area, type “2012 bridal show” and your city name into Google. A search will turn up dozens of possibilities, and it may even be worth a weekend trip to another city to rifle through a variety of wedding options. Happy planning!

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